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Network-Centric Advocacy coming to a flash mob near you

I now join those that predict a Flashmob of Bush protest ...Flashmobs for the silent majority...Flashmob fundraising...flash mob riots...flash mob fights..Flash Mob trash Clean ups..

Flash mobs are still just very silly (often described as " artistic events, performances that are fun to participate in") Very cool but pointless. However, flash mobs are the initial tumbling and "play" of networked world flexing real world touch.

Like a baby, we will "fuss and play" inorder to master skills and build strength. Watch a cat "play" tag with other kittens. It is all fund and games until the kitten realized birds taste good then "sneak and pounce" turns out to be less fun for the birds. Soon, Flash mobs will be pointed at someone or a minute of silence, a community scream for justice in multiple cities with millions of people (even for 60 seconds) will start to scare the crap out of the body politic.

This is network-centric movement, it will awaken network-centric advocacy. How about all flash mobbers show up to vote at 3:00 EST with masking tape as arm bands? Flash mobbing is a perfect example of network-centric is a coordinated activity among individuals without any centralized organization or governance.

Network-Centric Advocacy is going to be amazing!